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The number one specialist in the field of protecting and cleaning floors, walls, and façades.
We have the right treatment for any application.

Our philosophy

We believe that the right treatment enhances the appearance of any floor, wall, or panel, and extends their overall durability. Our many years of experience and expertise enable us to develop products and methods that work both immediately (cleaning) and preventively (protecting), with reduced environmental impact. 

The power of the BNL Group

In the BNL Group, various initiatives, brands, and experts with respect to surface treatments have joined forces. Plastic wall panels, stone façades, and floors made of different materials each require their own products and specific treatments. That is the only way to meticulously clean and protect a surface. The experts of the BNL Group bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are happy to share. Jointly, we deal with different problems and issues in a thorough and effective manner, resulting in leading, high-quality products and treatment methods.

From specialist product to large-scale project support

At BNL Group, we offer different specializations under one roof. What they all have in common, is the cleaning and treatment of various surfaces. However, the methods and specializations of the businesses in the group vary. Gevelreiniging Benelux cleans and treats façades, while Schoonmetselwerk.nl knows everything there is to know about applying colour to stone façades. Offering project support concerning complete neighbourhoods comes naturally to Uitbesteed.nl. PE Protect sells a wide range of products for DIY projects. In other words, our group knows how to work on your behalf, but can also help you to get the job perfectly done yourself. PE Protect excels in developing leading products that are easy to use, such as protecting and cleaning agents without chemical additives for 3D wall panels, at-home spas, and a variety of floor types. 

Innovation and quality assurance

Driven by our passion for the job, our genuine interest in possible problems, and a healthy dose of curiosity, we are always looking for new, even better, products and treatment methods. Therefore, R&D forms the very basis of BNL Products and PE Protect. We thoroughly examine the material, research, and test different products, and do not stop until we have developed the most effective product for that specific surface. We set high standards for the products we develop together with the manufacturer. You will find all necessary information on the label. In addition, we are happy to make the product sheet and safety data sheet available to you on request. Our products meet all requirements and are regularly sampled in our modern factory. If you should ever have a question about a delivery, we can always trace it back to the right sample and product moment. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of our products, while continuing to innovate in the field of surface treatment and cleaning.


Martijn and Norbert are the driving forces behind the BNL Group. Together, they form a golden team. Norbert has spent his entire career exploring treatment products for façades and has consequently gained considerable knowledge in that regard. He continues to actively share his knowledge in various committees and is often involved - in part because of his knowledge - in finding solutions for a variety of problems concerning façades. Martijn has worked mainly on large-scale construction projects, particularly projects that involved brick façades, pointing and façade cleaning. When faced with a problem, he dives deep into it and holds on with the tenacity of a Pitbull until he has found the best solution. It is not the fastest solution that counts. Looking at a problem from all sides and angles, and so finding the real cause, that is what leads to the best solution. Entrepreneurship and business spirit run through Martijn's very veins and when the right moment came - the right problem - it quickly became clear that he and Norbert form a top team. Based on many years of experience, we know very well that different materials keep looking good longer after having been treated with the right product. Protecting walls, floors and panels requires a small but exceptionally durable investment. And that is what drives us.


Gevelreiniging Benelux

Gevelreiniging Benelux treats, cleans, and colours all types of brick and concrete façades as part of new construction, renovation and/or restoration projects. We also offer customized advice and suitable products for your masonry work.

BNL Products

BNL Products has the perfect solution for façade cleaning and protection. We offer customized advice and professional products to treat all of your real estate, all under one roof.


Schoonmetselwerk.nl is the number one network of parties concerned with façade masonry-related problems, Its expertise ranges from façade renovation to façade cleaning and colouring to project support.

PE Protect

PE Protect offers an extensive, specialist range of products to protect floors and walls made of different types of materials. Each material requires a specific treatment. PE Protect develops and sells the appropriate products for every type of treatment.


Uitbesteed is the leading specialist with respect to façade renovation and restoration. For years, we have been supporting projects and delivering customized advice for private and corporate construction work, specifically regarding façades.